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Welcome to the pub!

This is my introductory post - boring, but want to get a few things out of the way. First, for those that subscribe to this website, I don't know how often you'll get notifications, what you'll get them for, or what the settings look like from your end, so if it's getting out of hand, let me know. I'm not about spamming people and just want to make this site an enjoyable experience for everyone.

On the topic of enjoyable experiences, some of my favorite memories throughout my time in the Air Force as been when I've been in various pubs and bars all over the world. I love the vibe I get off of others, whether we are drinking, shooting darts, when I would DJ, trivia nights... just the environment in general has always been fun. Yes, an occasional fight would break out, and that's almost always due to someone not being able to handle their alcohol. This being the virtual version of Gallo's Pub, I can't tell how much you may be drinking in front of your computer, but I will absolutely not tolerate any belligerent activity on this website. I want the forums, groups, and responses to blogs to be enlightening, entertaining, and educational for everyone involved. If you disagree with someone and feel the need to let them know, you can do it respectfully, and engage in healthy discussion and debate without belittling someone simply because you disagree with them. Other than that, please bear with me while this site grows and I learn along the way some of the little gadgets and pages. I'll be running this site and my other site ( independently from each other, but there may be some slight overlap when it comes to the forums and groups, depending on topic discussions.

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